C. Bradford Gorby



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About Me

I began my professional career shortly out of high school , setting a goal of what I wanted to accomplish and working until that goal had been achieved . I then would set a new goal for myself and repeated the process . When I left my art career in 1999 for a " real job " I did the same thing , managing a liquor store until 2009 . Just because you have no experience does not mean you can't get it , all it takes is setting goals and a bit of hard work .

Learn By Doing

When I wanted to pursue a career manufacturing prototypes for miniature wargaming I sought advice from professionals and then taught myself . I sculpted miniatures off and on over a period of thirteen years .


In the mid-80's I went to school to learn animation , I could not afford to finish but through contacts was able to take what I knew and land a job with a post production house in Cincinnati , Ohio . I worked as a graphics artist and animator at PPS for two years . Loved the job but hated the work .
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